LaseRelief™ Light

LaseRelief™ Light

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Complete with manual and includes 15 point acupuncture method

Caution: Do not shine lasers in eyes!

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Use your LaseRelief Light on any area of pain as often and as long as you need to.You can start by using the laser in a circular or sweeping motion above the skin over the general area of pain for several minutes. This may help to reduce inflammation. Then massage the area with your fingertips to locate the most painful points. Put the laser directly on the skin after identifying those points (you can also use your laser over clothing—especially lighter clothing). Hold the laser on the point for a minimum of five seconds. There is no maximum amount of time that you may spend on any painful point. If you feel any responses from the body such as tingling, warmth, muscle responses, a sensation going down a limb or a response in another area of your body work on that point until the responses subside. This is an indication that you are on a point that needs the attention of your laser. You cannot use your LaseRelief Light too much or too often.

In addition to using your laser for issues of the body you can laser food and beverages. The LaseRelief Light is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. Laser your fruit juice, coffee, tea and other beverages (except carbonated drinks because it will cause them to go flat) for one or more minutes for a much smoother taste.


Before eating or drinking anything in the morning laser 24 ounces of water for one minute or more. Adding powdered or liquid minerals to the water before lasering the water will help to retain the signals that are programmed into your LaseRelief Light and those signals are carried into the cells along with the much needed water and minerals. Hydration of our cells in the morning is very important. Don’t eat or drink anything for 30 to 45 minutes after drinking your lasered water. This exercise may help to reduce pain and increase your energy level throughout the day. If you can’t drink that much water begin with as much as you can drink and increase as you can. To get the maximum benefit from your LaseRelief Light the body must be hydrated and mineral supply must be adequate.

The Laser Relief Light has a ninety (90) day warranty from the date of delivery.

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